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Please do not reproduce any of the artwork posted on my blog, but please enjoy looking and planning and getting ideas!... each is an original by me. I enjoy Pen & Ink and Oils, Reading, Young Adult Books, Fiction, Yarn, Material, Glue, Wire, Sticks, Buttons and the such that will allow me to make a fine mess ;-) Please view the above tabs for a list of my current books in the hand and I am slowly getting around to adding comments about those I have read.

October 18, 2010

Zen Book Marks

Creating Zentangle Book Marks for Christmas!  Still lots of inking to do, but so very relaxing.

Fun Fall Flower

Here is a fun fall flower!  Lots of ink and love the fall colors.

July 5, 2010

Birds of Paradise

Groovy Space Flowers

Working with colors and ended up with some groovy space flowers.

Tee Martoonies.... aka Two Martinis!

Now who wouldn't love this chick?  What a party girl. Lost some of the coloring when I reduced the rez.  She really snaps, pops and cackles!

Get me in the Mood...

Well, either the bottle is empty and that got me inspired or just the name of the wine.
How do you like the grumpy face? 
That's how I feel when inspiration is in the land of Far Far Away.
The bottle caps are painted and now magnets for me to cut photos of family and friends faces to glue inside the cap for the refrig.


A set of 3X3 purses!  I wanted to go shopping but couldn't decided which purse to take...  so I stayed home and painted them instead.  Saved myself some money.

May 12, 2010

Loves Me Loves Me Loves Me

This Pen and Ink / Oils reminds me of vintage melmac dishes!

When one picks petals from these daisies there is only room for He Loves Me!

April 5, 2010


I can never get enough of crafts.  That's all...

March 7, 2010


What is more to one's own being than the steadfastness of family? Always there to watch over, protect, listen, reach out, embrace. Does not matter the situation... he is and will always be there for me. My loving brother...

March 1, 2010


I am not a fan of eatting expired eggs...
This egg is from a RI Red hen we named Henny Penny.
Wish we still had our hens... miss all the cackling ol' gals.

February 23, 2010


I painted this piece (oils) at a time when I was trying to find some inner peace! I am in the caregiver role now and there are times when one has to find their good chi... so I began with some warm sunny spots in the painting and worked my way to a green grassy knoll. The wisps of blue are perhaps a cool pond for me to hang my feet off into to refresh myself.